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Bleach is a chemical substance which can be used as a homemade pregnancy test. All you need to do is just combining the bleach with your fresh urine. Basically, there are no specific guidelines about the amount of bleach or urine need to be used. The product of the mixture may result the toxic fumes, so that the test need to be done in an airy place. Pregnancy test with bleach is indeed easy and practical. But, some may say that this test is not really accurate. However, you will still need to make sure and verify that the result comes up from this test is true. 

Some women may decide that they got no time to go to the local store and purchase for pregnancy test kit. So, in the end, they prefer to do bleach pregnancy test to check if they are pregnant or not. The test only needs bleach as the chemical substance.  

Usually, bleach is used in a large number as the substance to clean clothes. Whether or not, you need to admit that this test has no specific guidelines of the urine and bleach used to check the result. As a result, you need to ensure yourself whether you want to take this test or not. 

How to Use Bleach Pregnancy Test? 

As the other pregnancy tests, they basically check the HCG or a pregnancy hormone existed. This HCG is a substance that will give a respond to any kind of pregnancy test. HCG is a substance existed in blood and urine. Actually, bleach pregnancy test is quite more effective comparing to the other homemade pregnancy tests because the test will react well with the HCG.  

All of the tests aiming to check and identify the amount of HCG existed in the urine. If the hormone is present, then the bleach will cause the differences and the HCG itself will directly react to the substance. The first step you need to do this pregnancy test with bleach is by pouring some bleach to be mixed with your fresh urine. After that, you need to wait for at least an hour to see the result. If you see that the mixture starts to bubble up, it is a sign that you are pregnant. But, if there is no further indication, unfortunately the result may be negative. 

Once again, ensure yourself if you want to take this homemade test. Homemade pregnancy test is just another kind of alternative if you do not have much time to purchase for the pregnancy test kit from the local store. In fact, the bleach pregnancy test can result a dangerous result since the test can result toxic fumes. It can cause harm to you and your unborn baby. So, it will be better for you if you take the test outside or in an airy place to avoid any kind of unexpected happenings. 

As the comment, there are still a lot of factors which can cause inaccuracy. You need to remember that any kind of test may contribute the error, even a homemade test. The lack of guidelines can result to the uncertain result. This pregnancy test with bleach only has less accuracy comparing to the pregnancy test sold in the store. Moreover, it is still important for you to consult your doctor about your pregnancy condition.  

Instead of having inaccurate result, re-check it by using pregnancy test kit. For further inquiries, you can directly verify your pregnancy status using the test or the method as instructed by the doctor because there is still a probability of wrong indication after you take the test by yourself or read also other resource regarding homemade bleach pregnancy test




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